History of Project

Summer 2015

Project started.

Students: Joshua Calafato, Katherine Maul, Frank Mondruson IV, Alan Yeh

Goal: To create a definition of open source lidar

We started our project by doing some general research on the lidar concept. Some of the best papers we found are in the Useful Papers folder on the Google Drive (path: SWE Super Project → Useful Papers). We also made a detailed schedule for the summer to keep us on track.

After we had a good idea of what lidar was used for in wind energy research, we began to decide which parts of a lidar were always necessary (like a laser) and which were optional (like a scanner). We designated many different modules for each part, and decided whether some parts could share modules.

Once we had a list of the necessary modules, we divided them up and started to work more in-depth on each one. We also began looking into documentation organization and hosting.

When many of the modules had been defined, we created a dependency map to show how all of the modules interact with each other. We also created diagrams for each of the modules and formally wrote up documentation for each.