Documentation (Style Guide)

Documentation Style Guide in PDF form:File:DocumentationStyleGuide02.08.15.pdf; READ THIS BEFORE CREATING NEW DOCUMENTATION!

Documentation Starter Sheet in PDF form:File:DocumentationStarter02.08.15.pdf; USE THIS TO CREATE NEW DOCUMENTATION!

To use the starter sheet, copy and paste this into a new document for a start on module documentation. If you’re creating a wiki page for the module, check out the template for documentation below! Text that must be changes is highlighted. Please delete the highlighted text when section is complete. Further instructions on how to fill out each section can be found in the Documentation Style Guide.

The equivalent of the documentation starter sheet for this wiki is the ModuleSetup Template. To use it, just type this into the markup for the module: {{subst:ModuleSetup}} .

Sample documentation in PDF form:File:SampleDocumentation02.08.15.pdf

Current Steps for Editing Modules (12.08.15)

These are the steps you must follow to properly edit module documentation.

1. Make your edits in the Google Drive document

2. Copy these edits to the wiki

3. Upload a new pdf of the document to the module wiki page

This process will need to be used until a more functional editor is implemented in the wiki.