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Presentation at the IEA Task 32 General Meeting in Glasgow and introduction of the OpenLidar starter kit

In December 2016 the General Meeting of the IEA Task 32 Wind Lidar Systems for Wind Energy Deployment took place in Glasgow and we used this opportunity to present the OpenLidar concept to the lidar community and to get feedback. The presentation can be downloaded here. We also introduced the idea of an OpenLidar starter kit. The current starter kit was developed by a lidar manufacturer and has the following main specifications:

This starter kit is essentially a lidar box comprising the main modules: power, photonics, optics, and control. As we (and also the manufacturer) were curious if people were actually interested in starting to play with such a device, we came up with a cell phone survey during the meeting. Here are some of the results:


We concluded from the survey that there is definitely interest from the community and we will proceed with the OpenLidar concept in the following months.

Since we are interested in getting more feedback from the community, please express your opinion or ask questions in the comment section below.

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