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Sharing Software and Data

One challenge with developing tools for analyzing and using lidar data is sharing and developing code or finding data that you can use to test new ideas. So to help people find the software and data they need, we’ve launched a site on where people can share links to open-source code and datasets. See for details. If you would like to contribute but don’t have a clue where to begin, we can help!

Presentation at the WESC 2017: Integrating a scanner module into a robust lidar in a national funded research project

We just got accepted for an oral presentation at the Wind Energy Science Conference 2017 where we want to show how the OpenLidar concept can be applied to the development of a lidar. Within the German national funded research project ANWIND, the University of Stuttgart will enhance their existing lidar scanner and integrate a new scanner module into a robust lidar. This is the perfect opportunity to test the OpenLidar concept within a lidar development process, which means that we want to apply the module concept, define interfaces, and think about if and how it will be feasible to share details of the development without exposing or infringing intellectual property rights.

If you want to know more, come visit our presentation on Tuesday 27th of June, 13:20 at the WESC in Copenhagen and talk to us! The abstract of the presentation can be downloaded here.